Auto & Property Locksmiths provide and emergency call out service across Bournemouth, Dorset. We have a rate of 99% non-destructive entry. We aim to get you back in your home, business or vehicle as quickly as possible.

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What is a slamlock?

Professional Slamlock ServicesSlamlock refers to a device that will engage when a door is shut. It will automatically lock a vehicle door and does not need operating by the driver.

The slamlock was originally designed for heavy load vehicles where security needs to be high to protect the goods they carry. Where electronic systems have global or area unlocking, your vehicle might be vulnerable when the lock is not in action. By choosing a slamlock your vehicle will not experience this vulnerability.

Our slamlocks

At Auto & Property Locksmith our slamlocks provide maximum security and involves simple installation. Our slamlocks have a pleasing appearance and are combined with a genuine Security Slam operation. We always make sure that all of our locking systems are of the best quality, and suitable for the make of your vehicle!

All of our slamlock kits are designed with an available escape from inside the locked vehicle, via the manufacturers own internal exit mechanism. When we install your slamlock this will be demonstrated, so you will never have a problem! This is an extremely important feature as it ensures compliance with Health & Safety at work and Corporate Manslaughter legislation.

Auto & Property Locksmith slamlocks are available in both our S and Thatcham accredited T Series.